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"It is my pleasure to provide a testimonial for Precept’s Punch Flemmer who I first met in 1994 when I was a young GP buying into a general practice.

My husband and I were a fairly typical middle class family – working parents with a sizeable mortgage, two young children and the prospect of private school fees. Punch’s recommendations included a Master Trust superannuation policy (which has performed well), income protection insurance, disability insurance and life insurance. He established these without fuss and with very reasonable fees. We reviewed my needs annually and adjusted the policies as circumstances evolved. Once the home mortgage was paid and private school fees ended, we reduced the life insurance considerably.

He has always been a readily available and helpful source of advice over the years with business practice insurance issues such as buy/sell insurance which allows business partners to buy out the resigning partner.

A significant health issue had me out of the workforce for two years and Precept were very helpful in progressing and managing the claim, especially during the initial period. Punch and his staff got the ball rolling quickly with the insurers and liaised on my behalf in a timely, efficient and always supportive manner. The payments have always been prompt and without fuss or hassle. Now that I have returned to work part time, the insurance “tops up” my reduced earnings to my pre-illness income and can do so until I am 65 yo, if necessary. I will be forever immensely grateful I heeded Precept’s advice and paid those years of insurance premiums, which meant I did not have any financial worries at all during the long months of treatment.

My next phase is retirement planning and Punch is right there for me with his projections, graphs, sensible advice and up to date knowledge of Centrelink and pension criteria. I have no hesitation in recommending him to friends and colleagues who require financial advice"


""After just one hour with Gregor McQueen at his office in Osborne Park I felt more knowledgeable and secure than ever before.Gregor is the first financial planner I have seen that has treated me as a partner rather than a client. He took the time to explore and share his passions and knowledge in financial planning as well as explain in detail the ins and outs of the industry. Gregor took the time to thoroughly explain various plans with me using some of the greatest metaphors and methods I have seen. As a result he has instilled an extra level of drive and determination to build my portfolio and reach greater heights.
As a young entrepreneur with large future plans and visions,it was great to be treated by Gregor with the utmost respect and as an equal that was deserving of his time and knowledge. The wisdom that was shared in just one hour has allowed me to completely reexamine my financial path with confidence and left me feeling secure and safe knowing that I and my wealth will be looked after by Gregor for years to come.""

Cara, Myaree

"'We got a full financial plan prepared and used Gregor to roll over our super into a non-commutable pension scheme. Gregor listened to what we wanted and seemed very knowledgeable, explaining things very clearly and provided a lot of information to us.’
Daryl & Pam"

Daryl & Pam

"I can't tell you how refreshing it was to hear from you James regarding our account.
Thank you so much for servicing our fees; I appreciate the reduction.
You will do well in this business I feel sure James, you have a lovely manner.
Hoping that you continue to manage our account,
Sincerely Annette"

Annette, Mt Nasura

"Recently I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Some years ago we had taken out an Insurance cover which included Trauma. It wasn’t that long ago we thought of discontinuing the policy but now I’m so glad we decided against doing this. Having the stress and financial pressure to worry about is tremendous but knowing that I had the Trauma Cover was a relief. A lump sum payment covering all of the medical costs and leaving a healthy amount in the bank was there to take the pressure off. I’m sure if we had not taken out this policy, coping with the financial burden and the suffering together, would nearly be impossible. Having Ian there to help us fill in claim forms and handling the paperwork has made a difficult situation much easier to cope with. I highly recommend Ian as being honest and reliable.
Thanks Ian!"

Kellie Dhue And Family

"Thank you so much for helping me through this time in my life. I miss my dad so much & can’t stop crying about what happened to him & the fact that he is gone forever. It hurts so much knowing that I will never see him again. I can’t thank you enough."


"In my opinion, any person engaged in stressful business or commercial life would be insane not to have a policy to protect themselves in the event that they cannot carry out their normal occupation. Where there are dependant spouses and children involved, this need is even greater. Needless to say, without the underpinning of effective policies, the outcomes for all of us would have been disastrous.........Having said all that, it is refreshing to deal with your good self with manifest qualities of intelligence, integrity and empathy."


"We want to thank you for all your efforts and expertise.
As clients we have felt ‘in safe hands’ and that has made the world of difference to our state of mind and sense of well-being.
Your advice re insurance, income protection, trauma cover and superannuation has been of great value to us, particularly with regards to Colin’s recent medical history."

Bev And Colin

"Both the 3.3 million and 1.27 million claims have been received.
We would like to thank you all for your professionalism in this matter.
We would also like to thank Dave for his outstanding service to the family."