How Much Does Basic Funeral Cost?

Life is unpredictable, and one cannot predict when any loved one will depart, leaving behind friends and families. We bid farewell to those we love and care for at their funerals.  The funerals are a somber time where we depart from all those we dearly care for and love.

However, the funeral is an expensive ceremony, and if you want to do it right by the deceased, you will arrange it properly. So, how much does a basic funeral cost? There are specific charges that you have to pay that include the fees of the funeral director, the cost of purchasing the casket. Other charges are the land price of the burial space, the expense of arranging the flowers, and the transportation charges of carrying the body to the funeral home. 

All these expenses can add up to make a significant sum that becomes difficult for many to manage. According to recent estimates by Gathered the burial expense in Australia can get anywhere between $18,000 to $19,000.1.

basic funeral cost

How much does a basic funeral cost? The General Funeral Costs:

Regardless of the method of the funeral, some necessary costs one has to incur are:

Service Charges: These can range anywhere between $2,000 to $4,000. 

Arrangement of Flowers: Depending on the number of flowers, the total expense exceeds $100.

Transport for the Grievers: At times one has to arrange rent cars to transport the mourners to the funeral ceremony. On average a single-car rent starts from $330

Minister and instrumentalist payments: Anywhere from $500.

Removal and Preservation of the Body: Removal costs are mostly at $300 while the preservation expense is around $210.

Burial Expenses: There are different options for burial some more expensive than others.

Coffin: If one is going for a coffin or casket, the cost can be anywhere between $780 to $10,000 and more.

Grave Charges: The grave costs include opening and plaque labor and starts from $3500+.

Cremation Charges: Cremation includes certificates & cremation expenses as well and can start from $1200

After the cremation process charges for disposing of the ashes can vary on the methods of disposal. These are removing the ashes via wall, urn, etc. The costs start at $1200.

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