How to Choose A Financial Planner For Retirement

Financial Planning for Retirement

Enjoy your retirement to its fullest by being financially prepared for it. Is your nest egg enough to fund your lifestyle for the next thirty or even forty years?

If you want to ensure this happens, you need some sound financial planning, which is where a competent financial advisor or planner is invaluable.

Financial Planner For Retirement

How to Find A Good Financial Planner

Since the financial planner will be helping you fund a chunk of your future, spend a bit more time choosing the best person to help you. Lousy advice inevitably ruins the best years of your life.

Make sure they’re planners, not brokers

It is not a good idea to ask a broker to advise you. They will almost always be biased toward certain products, recommending you buy stocks and shares, whether suitable to your finances or not.

Determine how they’ll get paid

Select a financial planner in Perth with an upfront fee. Those who charge commission tend to be biased in their advice. As the broker, they might recommend financial products because they receive aside benefit, and not because it’s the best option for you.

Make sure they’re licenced.

Make sure your financial planner is licenced to provide financial advice to clients for complete peace of mind. At the very least, they should be registered with ASIC, Australia’s financial services regulator.

  • Do your homework and check their qualifications.
  • See if their experience backs their expertise.
  • Talk to their former or current clients and see how it worked out for them.

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