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Strategic investments can minimise your tax burden and build real wealth towards your future. We have helped thousands of West Australians understand the investment options available to them and how they can make the most of their wealth.

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Investment Services

If you are considering investing, there are a range of options available.

Maintaining a diverse portfolio is a good possibility. Mainly because it allows savings in different schemes but also protects the funds if the market fluctuates. The four main types of asset funds, along with their risks, and rewards are:

Of this list, the first two are referred to as "Defensive or Safe Investments". These focus on fix income at a regular interval. As the name implies, these are somewhat a less risky option for fund savings as your funds are not placed in any fluctuating markets.

The final two (shares options and property investment) are referred to as "Growing Investments". A growth investment plan works to increase the value of an investment over time. These are high risk, and high return accounts as the returns are high but one can also incur heavy losses if market prices hit a high or a low at any given time.

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Cash Investments

These are the placement of cash in interest accounts which guarantees returns on the assigned return rates. The cash invested in such scheme gives a secure return, however, the value of the cash may eventually go down if placed for a longer period as your returns remain fixed no matter where the market rates are and inflation hits in.

Fixed Return on Investing

The most common fixed long-term investments in these saving schemes are:

• Term or Time deposits
• Government Bonds and Securities
• Corporate Bonds

A term deposit, also known as time desposits, are similar to returns as a cash saving account. However, unlike cash saving, they offer much higher interest rates and the fund is invested for a defined time which is a longer term. If you participate in a term deposit, your investment is fixed for a specific term starting from one month to five years or more. 

Bonds are loans to the government that are further invested for a defined period of time. At the end of the loan term, the Government returns the investment to the owner. During this tenure, the government gives a fixed rate of return to the investors.


A share is a unit of possession in a corporation. Shares operate through Stock exchanges, and a broker services facilitate the purchase and selling of shares.

Shares are a type of growth investment as the value of the share can increase, and higher returns are possible in the shortest duration. Along with market-driven profits, shares also comes with dividends. These are a defined portion of a company's profit shared with the shareholders of the corporation. However, all the returns are because the risks associated with shares are higher than any other form of investments.

Property Investment

Property investments can be done in the following ventures:

  • Saving on residential property and plots
  • Investing in commercial units such as offices
  • Investment in trade buildings such as shops and stores
  • Venture in hotels and guest houses
  • Industrial Investments

They work in a similar manner as the shares and as the property value increases with time, good returns on investments are possible. You must take market surveys and invest in secure property in an area that is also economically sound to increase the chances of getting better value for it in the future. Property cannot be disposed of overnight to make quick returns like shares. Invest in them with the knowledge that selling for profits may take time and considerable efforts.

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