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Make Your Money Work As Hard As You.

Working in the Mining, Oil and Gas Industries can be tough. We understand the sacrifices you make so you can provide for those you love. Let us partner with you to ensure you make the most of all that hard work. Complete the form below for a free consultation.

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Mining Oil & Gas Financial Services

Western Australia has seen the above industries develop dramatically over the last decade and the amount of people working in these areas has risen substantially.

A real problem for many employers and sub contractors is how to source insurance protection for areas such as;

  • Income protection;
  • Life and total disablement cover; and
  • Trauma Insurance; as well as
  • Establishing a suitable superannuation fund that provides flexibility

Many insurance companies will not entertain offering cover for occupations in the Mining, Oil and Gas industries, however over a long period of time we have established good relationships with reputable insurers who will offer our clients these covers.

Our advisers have experience formulating a proper insurance plan for workers in the two industries plus making sure any plan is tailored to your specific needs.

We will also assist in locating any superannuation funds you might have and do the consolidation into one fund for you.

Income Protection

Your greatest asset is your ability to earn an income, so what happens if you are unable to work.
We can help solve this problem and provide you with a tailored ‘Income Protection’ plan to suit your needs.
Remember many Australians are off work every year as a result of an ACCIDENT or ILLNESS. 
Make sure you are covered if it happens to you.

Wealth Creation

Ensure that all your hard work is not wasted and put aside some income to obtain investments that are going to make your future more secure. Everyone is different and investments should be tailored to that individual taking into account;
- Cash Flow
- Tax Advantages 
- Future needs to manage debt
We can sit down with you and discuss what is available and just as important, what is suitable.

Insurance Cover

Other than Income Protection it is vital workers consider their need to protect their families and debt in its own right.

Mortgages and other debts should be covered with life cover and maybe additional total and permanent disablement cover. 

Many people are also covering themselves for Trauma Insurance which pays a ‘tax free’ lump sum if you contract any one of the nominated medical complaints.

The biggest cause of claims with Trauma Cover is:

- Cancer
- Heart Attack
- Stroke

However there are many more medical areas covered.

Precept is licensed by Charter Financial Planning which is owned by AMP. We are one of their leading practices in Australia with a quality advice status awarded to us since our inception. This means all of our advisers must receive either an A or B rating in their annual audit from a compliance standing. We are also a ‘Leaders Practice’ with Charter and currently sit in 4th spot nationally. As Charter is often recognised in the top licensees in Australia we are very proud of our standing.

At Precept our clients are put first in all aspects of financial planning and we will;

- Thoroughly research your needs
- Ensure the best product is recommended
- Ensure there is full disclosure of all recommendations so that you can rest assured the plan is compliant
- Offer you a review every year at a minimum
- Contact you with our newsletter and any information we think is appropriate
- Fully disclose any remuneration we are to receive and have clients notified in writing

Financially we promise to act in your best interests as our clients are our lifeblood.

Enquire today about our financial services for the mining, oil and gas industries.