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For over 30 years, we have helped West Australians understand superannuation so they can be more prepared for the future. We help you take advantage of the ever-changing superannuation regulations. Request a free consultation by completing the form below.

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Precept Financial Services provide tailored solutions, for both employers and employees. We are committed to providing excellent superannuation solutions and investment opportunities supported by outstanding service.

We all know that change is constant. Superannuation is no exception to the rule. Our role is to ensure that you are kept informed of these changes and how they effect you and your financial future.

Personal Superannuation

Superannuation is a form of savings, where money is set aside by you and/or your employer and invested for your retirement. It is a very tax effective way to save for your retirement. Superannuation can also be a tax effective way of holding life insurance.

What Are the Advantages of Superannuation?

  • Employers usually contribute at least 9% of your earnings base to your fund;
  • Earnings are taxed at a lower rate compared to other forms of investment;
  • Your investment is added to on a regular basis over a long time; giving the benefit of dollar cost averaging;
  • You may be eligible to receive a tax deduction for your superannuation contributions;
  • It can be a tax effective way of holding insurance;
  • It allows you to diversify your investments over different asset classes;
  • Your superannuation is portable and by different employers.

Given the long term nature of your investment into your Super it is important that you are in the right fund and are invested in the right assets to give you the desired outcome at retirement.

Corporate Superannuation

Managing employees' superannuation can be complex and challenging. Precept is a leader in the provision of superannuation solutions and is committed to making it super simple for both the employer & employee. It is the employers' responsibility to select a default investment strategy for their company employee super plan. The employer will need to consider their employees' investment needs; but different employees have different needs. Experience tells us that there is no one strategy or option which simultaneously meets all these needs.

The financial advisers here at Precept Financial Services are qualified to understand the risk and return associated with the wide range of investment options available and can help you make decisions best suited to meet your needs. They also understand that you need protection against unexpected events and can help tailor insurance to meet their needs. Small differences in both investment performance, fees and costs can have a substantial impact on long-term returns. Your Perth financial adviser will negotiate the lowest management costs possible.

Self Managed Superannuation

Self managed superannuation can give you more control over your superannuation but with this comes the responsibility of being the trustee of the fund. We offer comprehensive advice on Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF's).

Areas where we offer advice are:

  • Setting up and administering the fund
  • Compliance and education of Trustee's roles and responsibilities
  • Investment Strategy
  • Insurance
  • Retirement planning - commencement of retirement income streams
  • Winding up of the fund.

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