Top Ten Tax Minimisation Strategies

Top Ten Tax Minimisation Strategies

There are top 10 tax minimisation strategies that you should not ignore in order to pay the least tax to your government. Let us go through each one with a fine tooth comb so that you know what to do when tax filing season comes. Tax minimisation strategies are easy to follow when you give yourself enough time to prepare.

1. Top of the Heap of Tax Minimisation Strategies: Thou Shalt Not Ignore the Income Tax Booklet

Most governments issue out a new tax guide for the year. And unfortunately, most people who has income to declare tend to ignore it with impunity. Unfortunately, the basic secrets of tax minimisation strategies are all there in the booklet in plain sight.

2. What Is Left Unsaid in the Annual Tax Bible Carries More Weight

And more importantly, there are unmentioned tax minimisation strategies. If you read between the lines, you will sooner than later realise some tax minimisation strategies that you never knew before. But this kind of epiphany only occurs after you have religiously dug deep into the tax guide or booklet many times.

3. No Substitute for an Excellent Tax Planner

No doubt, your self-study will take you to the path of no return. Knowledge is power. However, your journey to the side of tax minimisation strategies will never be complete without paying a visit to the tax consultant near you. There is no need to tell the advisor all you know about the wonderful world of tax collection. On the contrary, you must absorb every bit of knowledge that you can before the tax deadline looms. Contact Precept Financial Services today and find out how they can help.

4. Keep Receipts, Will Travel

Most people take transportation expenses for granted. Unfortunately, many governments do provide tax credits for buying bus passes and the like. Also, you will know from persistent tax research just what other aspects of your living expenses can be the subject of a tax break. So you know what to do!

5. Learn from Your Mistakes

To gradually improve your IQ in regards to tax minimisation strategies, do not be afraid to make mistakes. It is the best way to learn as all human beings do. With practice year after year, all the secrets will soon speak to you.
6. Donations, Donations

This is why they are so important. Donations always carry with them a hefty tax break. So you want to support a local member of parliament or city council? By all means, go ahead. And do not forget charitable organisations, too.

7. Do Ask Your Neighbour or Phone a Friend

When you are open to suggestions on tax minimisation strategies, you just never know what can come your way. Keep those eyes and ears open. You have absolutely no idea what can come next!

8. Never, Never Cram

Like cramming for an exam, you must never do this if you want to make the most of tax minimisation strategies. For you will find yourself missing important strategies when you put off preparing your income tax return till the last minute of the annual deadline.

9. How Things Change with Tax Minimisation Strategies

Be warned, things can change with tax minimisation strategies so be sure to always stay updated by not only reading the tax return bible. You must not forget to pay a visit to your tax planner regularly in order to make sure you never miss a thing.

10. And Last But Not the Least…

Your own knowledge or self-study plus the guidance of your Perth financial planner are invaluable weapons to slay tax minimisation strategies in record time. Use them well! To find the best tax consultant, there is no need to break the bank. Stay within your budget and you will find yourself smiling when the tax man or woman cometh.

Any advice in the article is general in nature and does not take into account your personal circumstances, objectives and needs. Therefore, before making a decision, you should consider the appropriateness of the advice with regard to those matters.

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