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Welcome to Precept Financial Services, we are the nominated advisers for your fund.

Precept Financial Services provides tailored solutions, for both employers and employees.

We are committed to providing excellent superannuation solutions and investment opportunities supported by outstanding service.

We all know that change is constant. Superannuation is no exception to the rule. Our role is to ensure that you are kept informed of these changes and how they effect you and your financial future.

Personal Superannuation

Superannuation is a form of savings, where money is set aside by you and/or your employer and invested for your retirement. It is a very tax effective way to save for your retirement. Superannuation can also be a tax effective way of holding life insurance.

Our Services to You

Precept Financial Services offers you the following services:

  • Financial Planning Advice
  • Onsite Consultations
  • Education Seminars
  • Super Consolidation
  • Superannuation updates
  • Online Member access

Financial Service

In addition to our admin support, we offer you convenient access to our financial planning, professionals to assist with providing advice on a range of financial matters:

  • Superannuation
  • Retirement planning
  • Tax planning
  • Personal insurance
  • Salary packaging
  • Estate planning
  • Cash flow and debt management

Fees may be payable for personal advice, speak with your adviser.

Ongoing Education

We provide regular financial education to increase your financial knowledge and assist you to make more informed and effective decisions about your financial affairs.

  • Tailored seminars on site (where appropriate)
  • Financial calculators
  • Lifestyle planning information
  • Investment reports
  • Newsletters
  • Website

Your Welcome Kit

If you haven't received it already, you can expect a welcome kit to arrive in the mail from your fund provider. They will provide you with all your new member details.

  • Individual member number
  • Login details and password
  • Details of your account
  • Fund contact details
  • Product Disclosure Statement

Please check your details are correct and the chosen investment strategy and insurance cover are appropriate for your circumstances.

The Benefits to You

Exclusive Offers — we've negotiated some great deals and exclusive offers for you and your family at no extra cost, please refer to your fund providers welcome pack for details.

Financial Advice — You have convenient access to our financial planning professionals to assist with providing advice on a range of financial matters including wealth creation & wealth protection.

Insurance — You can access generous levels of insurance cover through your super at low cost. In most cases, automatic acceptance to insurance covers are provided with little or no medical evidence.

Knowledge — You have access to regular financial education and superannuation updates to help you make the most of your super.

Consolidation – Assistance is available to help you consolidate and find your lost super. Spouse Contributions — Your spouse may be able to join your employer plan and be eligible for the same benefits.